Best Paper Awards

EC has between 1 and 3 best paper awards, all adjudicated by the same committee. First, the committee determines the single best paper of the conference, this wins the "best paper award". If that paper happens to be abstract-only, the committee identifies the best full paper submission, which wins the "best full paper award". (If not, that award is not given.) If neither of the 1-2 previous awards has a student first author, we identify the best (abstract-only or full paper) submission with a student lead author, and give it the "best paper with a student lead author" award (or, if traditionalists insist, "best student paper" award); otherwise that award is not given.

Officially approved by the ACM in 2013, best paper awards had been made in previous conference years with a process that had small deviations from year to year. In this spirit, we also list the awards for years preceding 2013.