Best Paper and Best Student Paper

A Best Paper and Best Student Paper Award is given annually to work of outstanding quality presented at the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation. Usually one award will be made in each category, and the awards are limited to papers that appear in full in the conference proceedings.

A Best Student Paper Award requires that a single student, or a group of students collectively, made the most significant contribution to the paper. Best Paper Awards are given irrespective of eligibility for a Best Student Paper Award: a Best Paper that is a student paper also receives a Best Student Paper Award.

Award decisions are made each year by an Awards Committee formed among members of the conference Program Committee and the wider research community. An award includes a plaque for each of the authors, and an honorarium of $500 to be shared among them.

Officially approved by the ACM in 2013, best paper awards had been made in previous conference years with a process that had small deviations from year to year. In this spirit, we also list the awards for years preceding 2013.