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Summer, 2003 Vol. 4.2

Editor's Note: Welcome to Issue 4.2

This issue coincides with a transition for the SIG into its new, more formal structure. The new slate of officers has been installed (see the Letter from the Chair). With my new position as Secretary-Treasurer for the SIG, I will be handing the job of Editor-in-Chief of the newsletter to a new recruit. Amy Greenwald has been appointed by the SIG Chair to take over as Editor-in-Chief, and I have no doubt that she will bring renewed energy to the position. The final issue of the year will be co-edited by Amy and myself, after which Amy will take over the position.

Now to the current issue. Our first paper considers the task of segmenting customers into classes using a fuzzy approach to categorization. Identifying customers in this manner enables an organization to personalize an e-commerce site.

The second paper in this issue presents an interesting mechanism to support anonymous browsing on the Web by redirecting requests to a cache. The authors have implemented a prototype of the system using Google as the cache.

The third paper is focused on the task of multi-attribute negotiation in Web-services. By providing the negotiating parties with "tokens" for the attributes, the scheme presented allows the parties to trade off one attribute for another when it is mutually beneficial.

The final featured paper studies the bargaining problem more deeply. In particular, the paper presents an equilibrium analysis of agents that use a "market-driven" strategy when negotiating under a deadline.

The featured articles are followed by a review of the Fourth ACM E-Commerce Conference (EC-03) held in San Diego in June.


    Peter Wurman, Editor-in-Chief

Mon, Oct 6, 2003 Copyright, Association for Computing Machinery