SIGecom Exchanges serves as a forum for researchers in electronic commerce to communicate research issues and opportunities. While we accept full-length research or survey articles, a major goal of the Exchanges is to establish an ongoing conversation among researchers in the form of letters. These letters need not provide new research contributions or a completely thorough overview of a topic, but may rather contain opinions about or brief reviews of a stream of research, possibly the authors' own, with pointers to the literature.


Letters to SIGecom Exchanges are typically one to three pages in length, including references, and may for example contain one of the following:

Letters are intended to be closer to blog posts than to full-length research papers or survey articles, and they are no substitute for the latter. They will be only lightly refereed, to ensure appropriateness and quality.

Full-length articles

SIGecom Exchanges will continue to accept full-length articles, including technical papers and surveys. Contributed full-length articles will be refereed more strictly than letters.


Topics of interest are similar to those of the ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, but contributions with a more applied focus are also welcome. Some of the issues will have a special topic, in which case most, but not necessarily all, contributions will address this topic.