EC Best Paper Awards

A Best Paper award and a Best Paper with Student Lead Author (previously named "Best Student Paper") award are awarded annually at the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, both adjudicated by the same committee. First, the committee determines the single best paper of the conference, which wins the Best Paper award. If this paper happens to have a student lead author (self-declared upon submission), then it also wins the Best Paper with Student Lead Author award. Otherwise, the committee identifies the best paper of the conference that has a student lead author, which wins the Best Paper with a Student Lead Author award. The selection process and award types have been slightly changed over the years.

Officially approved by the ACM in 2013, best paper awards had been made also in previous conferences. In this spirit, the SIGecom website also lists the awards for years preceding 2013.

Starting in 2019, the ACM EC conference also awards "Exemplary Paper in Track" awards to celebrate the diversity and interdisciplinarity of the field. The SIGecom website also lists these awards.